Serious Sam 2

Serious Sam 2

Sam is back to end aliens and other enemies who want to conquer Earth.
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Sam is back to end with aliens and other enemies who want to conquer Earth. Thanks to its powerful arsenal and its incredible reflexes, he will have no problem in emerging victorious in this second delivery of this shocking action game.
Serious Sam II returns to offer us mainly one thing: action. Forget complex plots, activating buttons to leave a room or to fire real weapons. It uses original and devastating weapons such as an explosive parrot to stop the hundreds of enemies that you will be faced.

In this game everything is big, all levels are very high. Forget enclosed spaces. You will be surprised by the length of each area you visit during the game. You'll find immense plains, hardwood forests and futuristic cities. You can even spend a short holiday in hell. The number of enemies in the map is so great that you can not ever stop moving. In this game the most important thing is to shoot, you don´t have to think about strategies, just shoot.

In addition, you can play the multiplayer mode which has five levels each of them more difficult but as always the premise is to shoot all the time.
Another remarkable thing is the graphics section, in spite of everything being in large size their detail level is fairly good.

In conclusion, if you want to have some action, you should help Sam to save the Earth.

María Noel Balla
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  • You will have a lot of action.
  • Excellent graphics and good sound effects


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